AROW and process protection

Today all critical national infrastructure are controlled by industrial control systems and such systems should be protected by appropriate high level of technology. In reality, security of industrial control systems lags behind that applied in the intelligence and military contexts. AROW provides a unprecendented levels of security in the critical national infrastructure as well as valuable commercial process protection.

Insufficent security around critical national infrastructure such as power generation, water and sewerage plants, rail and air networks, provides opportunities for attackers to take control of such networks. In many countries, protection of such instructure is now a major activity with cyber attacks regarded as real and credible threats.

AROW is a hardware device that simply sits between networks. It incorporates fast Gigabit Ethernet connectivity using TCP/IP and UDP Unicast/Multicast protocols to fit seamlessly into an existing network.

SomerData provides its devices and services to governmental security and law enforcement agencies worldwide.


Please contact Peelit support for more info or request evaulation software. We provide support for the Nordic region.