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Peelit AB (orgnr 556731-2318)

Peelit is a swedish consultant company within Security and IT-architecture, specialized in IoT, GDPR, cloudbased IT and Compliance. Successfactor of Peelit is the proven experience and knowledgebase of both IT and Security industry, in conjunction with expert competences in IT-security architecture. This is the reason why customers chose Peelit and why some of the most demanding customers chosen Peelit. Peelit work with certified resellers and market leading partners. The company holds frame agreement with government, defense, CEVT, XANO Industri amongst others. Customer verticals are manufacturering, security, logistics, defense industry, government and municipalities. Peelit was founded in 2007 and is part of Omegapoint group. The company is a member SäkerhetsBranschen, that assure good quality, high competence and accountability. Göteborgs Friidrottsförbund (857202-2799, Göteborgsvarvet, Göteborgs Friidrottsförbund, Box 12174, 402 42 Göteborg,, nedan kallat Göteborgsvarvet, är personuppgiftsansvarig för behandlingen av personuppgifter på Göteborgsvarvet. Personuppgiftsansvarig är ansvarig för att all behandling av personuppgifter sker i enlighet med gällande lagstiftning.