Support guidelines

Please send a support request to You will receive a support ticket as confirmation from our system. To be able to give you the best support, provide us information on how to recreate the scenario and include relevant logfiles of servers, clients and drivers.

Information to be included:

  • Description on howto to recreate the scenario
  • Licensnumber
  • Software version
  • Client operating system
  • Server operating system
  • Relevant logfiles from servers, clients and drivers
  • Relevant screendumps
  • Full name
  • Telephone number
  • Email

If your information is confidential, you should create an encrypted ZIP-file, using 7zip (or equivalent) with AES-256 and a random generated password of minimum 24 characters.

Vendor Product Support

Detailed product support can be found at these websites:

AppGate SDP Support
AppVision Support
AROW Data Diod Support